Monday, August 13, 2012

Zig Zags & Polka Dots

Hi there!

I apologize for my absence. I go through cycles with blogging and reading books. Currently I am enthralled in a new book and I'd rather read it than write a blog post. However, today I spent a lot of time painting my fingers & toes and I really wanted to share them with you. I'm excited with how they turned out!

Here's your fair warning that there is a photo of my toes at the very bottom of this post. I spent too much time pampering my feet today NOT to share them.

Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine w/ flash
 I started with Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine (courtesy of my good friend Hailey). My intentions were to do a variety of things. I first considered a gradient, and then a jelly sandwich, and then a gradient/jelly sandwich combo... as you'll see I ended up doing none of the above. I finally settled on zig zags & polka dots from some inspiration I got on Pinterest.

Sinful Colors - Rise and Shine in sunlight
What you see here is only ONE COAT. I'm not joking. This color is completely opaque and perfect in one coat. I didn't have any issues with bald spots or streaking. I usually have a hard time only doing one coat, but not with this polish. :)

The first photo that was taken with the flash of my camera is a more accurate idea of what the color looks like. And both of these photos are without a top coat, so you can see it dries to a satin finish.

The photo above and the following 3 photos are shots of my right and left hands. You can tell I free-handed the zig zags because they aren't perfect, but I'm still happy with how they turned out. The lime green color is Zoya - Mitzi. Had I planned to do this manicure from the very beginning, I would have used Mitzi as my base color and then Rise and Shine for the accents. But I digress...

Below is the photo of my toes. I know. People hate foot photos. But I gave myself a serious, much-needed pedicure, and my feet don't look all that gross. ;)

I don't remember the names of the polishes I used because I didn't intend to post photos of my feet, however if you must know I can figure it out! Just let me know. :)

Alrighty then, that's it for now. Thanks for looking at my gross feet!


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