Tuesday, August 28, 2012

June GlossyBox

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am writing about my June GlossyBox. I am behind as usual on the beauty box reviews, but there are usually products in each box that I really want to share with you. This box has been one of my least favorite so far, but I still love the surprise of what is in the box each time.

Before you get to the photos of the samples, I want to warn you that most everything is covered in sticky soap and lint. One of the samples leaked and made a huge mess. Luckily it all cleaned up nicely. I contacted GlossyBox's customer support and they rushed me a new sample of the soap that leaked. How nice is that?! :)

First Aid Beauty - Smooth Shave Cream (Full size $16.50)
I was very interested to try this product because I've never really thought of using a shaving cream that was anything other than my usual Gillette gel from Walmart. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. I can shave with some of my moisturizing body wash and get less razor burn than I got with this. I wouldn't recommend it because I couldn't even bring myself to finish the bottle. :(

AHAVA - Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash (Full size $22)
This is the leaky culprit. I also didn't really care for this sample, which is unfortunate because this is the one that they sent me a replacement for. I finished off the first one, but I just haven't gotten around to the second. I can't quite put my finger on what I didn't like about this, but I just didn't like it.

Wella Professionals - Enriching Moisturizing Treatment (Full size $12)
This product wasn't all that bad. It moisturized quite well and made my hair feel very soft. It also smelled quite nice. This is one thing that beauty boxes LOVE to send. Moisturizer for the hair. Because of that, I've discovered quite a few that I like, but none so far that I just cannot live without. I likely won't purchase this, but only because I know I'll probably get another sample next month and I still haven't finished several of my other samples.

OFRA Cosmetics - Eye Shadow ICE (Full size $14.95)
As you'll see below, I swatched this on my hand. Other than that, I haven't touched this product. It looks cheap, like something you'd purchase at the dollar store, but it is nearly $15?!! Not to mention I'm not a fan of cream eyeshadows. SO.... that's all I have to say about this one.

vBeaute' - Lite Up, Eye Never, & Buying Time (Full sizes $150, $85, & $135)
These are nice little samples of some anti-aging creams. I've used them and like them well enough, but definitely do not see results that will make me shell out the dough they want for each product! I'll use them until they are gone, but that will be the end of my relationship with this brand.

A Perfume Organic - Urban Organic (Full size $65)
Finally, we have the required perfume sample. It smelled horrible. I can't even explain the smell because I took one sniff and just about choked. I took another sniff just to make sure I wan't mistaken, and I wasn't, so I chunked it in the trash. Most of the time, if a perfume sample is not up my alley, I'll think about giving it to someone who might have a different nose for perfumes than I do. However, this one didn't even get a second thought before it found its new home in the garbage.

Well, that's the June GlossyBox. I tried to keep it short and simple. Thanks for reading!


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