Monday, August 27, 2012

Love & Beauty - "Greys"

Good evening!

It has been a long 14 days since my last post. In that post 14 days ago, I mentioned that I had been enthralled in a book. That is still true, except it is a different book now. TOO MANY HOBBIES! 

Anyway, below are some fantastical photos of a couple of nail polishes that my friend Maryana gave me. These polishes are from Forever 21, and both of them are labeled as "Grey"

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Is that darker grey not gorgeous?! It has a golden/greenish shimmer to it that is really eye-catching. I love it. And Forever 21 polishes are so cheap! The labels on these bottles say $2.80, but every time I go in that store they are on sale for even cheaper. 

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So this particular post seems like a great opportunity to mention that I prefer to spell the word "GRAY" with an *A* and not an *E*. I've used the E up to this point because that is how it is spelled on the label on the bottles, but I felt the need to clarify that I am an A kind of girl.  I'm aware that it is technically correct either way, but I just get all irritable when I see it spelled with an E

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The formula on these polishes is great. I had no issues at all with the application. What you see in all the photos is two coats of each color, also with a base coat and top coat. I also used Essie's Luxeffects - Set In Stones to add a little bit of sparkle to my accent nail. 

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It is practically impossible to detect on the nail, but the lighter gray polish has a slight shimmer in it as well. It is a silvery shimmer in the bottle, which I tried to show in the photo above. 

Well, I think I covered all the basic important stuff. My job is done here. :)


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