Friday, September 14, 2012

Smurf and Turf!


Today I'm sharing the first polish out of the eight that I received in the mail a couple days ago. This isn't really a new color for Zoya, they've had it for quite some time, but it is new to me and I had to have it!

Zoya Robyn is a very pretty sky blue cream. Zoya's website describes it as a "perfect turquoise cream", but I don't think this really strikes me as a turquoise...

Anyway, in the photos there are 2 coats of base coat, 2 coats of Robyn, and 1 coat of top coat. The reason I ended up doing 2 coats of my base coat was because I thought I read or heard somewhere that this one stains the nails. If I misremembered, it is at least better to be safe than sorry! As with most Zoya polishes, the formula was very good. The first coat has the potential to be a bit streaky if you're not careful, but the 2nd coat will smooth everything over and make it perdy. :)

The accent nail is the reason for the title of this post. My husband is quite clever with his words, and he insisted that I mention his cleverness in this post. I just used one of my nail art brushes and Zoya Meg (a polish that I already owned) to make the stripes. I had plans to be a little more fancy than 3 plain stripes, but it was late and I was sleepy!

Well... there's the lovely Zoya Robyn. What do you all think?


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