Monday, September 10, 2012

Sephora by OPI | Traffic-Stopper Copper & Finger Paints | Paper Mache

I have some sparkles to show you!

The glitter I am sharing today is a glitter that caught my eye quite some time ago. I can't even remember... maybe 6 months or so? Anyway, I passed it up because I didn't want to spend $9 on a glitter, much less a glitter that makes me fish it out of the bottle. HOWEVER, I couldn't stop thinking about it. If you're not a HUGE fan of nail polish like I am, that will sound nuts, but I'm serious. So I finally purchased the glitter... and I don't regret it. Thank you very much. 

Finger Paints - Paper Mache
The first photograph is of the base color that I decided to use. I swatched this glitter on about 9 different colors to see which one would show it off the best and I ultimately decided to go with a clean, crisp white. The photo above is 2 coats of Finger Paints Paper Mache on top of 1 coat of base coat. No top coat. Application of this color is pretty easy, however, it seems to dry very slowly. I ALMOST decided to just stop at this step because the plain white nails were quite pretty. If you keep reading, you'll notice that I couldn't resist the sparkles.

Sephora by OPI -- Traffic-Stopper Copper
What you see above, as well as all of the photos that follow, is an attempt to show how pretty this glitter is. Of course the name Traffic-Stopper Copper indicates that the glitter is a copper color, but it also looks like a rose gold shade to me. As you all have likely noticed, rose gold jewelry has become quite popular recently, and I LOVE it. I may as well have some nails to match my jewelry, right? Yes.  

Sephora by OPI -- Traffic-Stopper Copper
As I mentioned at the very beginning of the post, you have to fish this glitter out of the bottle. It is not very densely packed, so it is a bit of a pain to get on the nail. However, once you get the hang of it, you can get a decent amount of sparkles to cooperate. In all of the photos, there are two coats of the glitter and one coat of fast-dry top coat. 

Sephora by OPI -- Traffic-Stopper Copper
You'll see better in the macro shots above and below that there are two different sizes of glitter: larger hexagonal glitters and smaller micro glitters.

Sephora by OPI -- Traffic-Stopper Copper

Sephora by OPI -- Traffic-Stopper Copper
I took photos at several different angles with various amounts of lighting to show you the color of the sparkles. What do you think? I quite like this glitter. :)

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