Monday, January 30, 2012

Puppy Profile - Winslow

Name: Winslow
Nicknames: Wingding, Windex, Dubby, Uno, Professor
Birthday: April 2011
Breed: Wirehair Dachshund

Picking up Winslow in Winslow, Arkansas

Puppy Winslow

As you can see from the photo above, we traveled to Arkansas to get the latest addition to our family. It was interesting when we tried to introduce him to the other kiddos. Myra, our other dachshund, has ALWAYS been the boss and doesn't seem to play well with other dogs (besides Harsh). So the first week was a headache because we thought she was going to eat him alive. Luckily, she eventually figured out he wasn't going anywhere and she eased up.

Giving his usual attitude 

Most current picture of Wingding

As you can see, Winslow is quite the clown. The beard and moustache are why we refer to him as "Professor". He looks like such an old soul. I also feel the need to explain his nickname "Uno". If you've read the other two puppy profiles of Myra and Harsh, you'll notice that we tend to favor pups that have medical conditions. Winslow is lacking in the testicular area. When we first got him, everything was normal down there, but about a month ago one of his little buddies decided to play hide-and-go-seek. :( The vet said it is normal, it will just cost more when he go get him fixed.

Such a rebel

Likes: Squeaking squeaky toys like a mad man, barking, licking & biting our toes (and everything else), picking on his big sister (Myra), and eating ice cubes. 
Dislikes: Sitting still, closed doors, being short, sharing toys, and strangers. 


  1. So here is my dilemma, the mister wants a puppy. the little wants a puppy. i want a fox! what to do? your pup is darling!

  2. Thanks ladies! He is awesome! :)
    Jaclyn- I'm not sure what to tell ya! I imagine puppies are a lot easier to come by... have you found a place to get a fox?!