Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zoya - Phoebe

Sup Dudes?

I have a post today about a new nail polish that I acquired from ULTA (on sale!). It is Zoya's Phoebe. I first discovered this pretty little thing via one of my favorite nail blogs (Visit it at Please don't compare my blog with hers, she is REALLY good at nail polish. :)

Phoebe is different and awesome because it dries to a matte finish. Here are a couple of pictures of Phoebe on my nails (all photos are clickable to make them bigger).

I'm not all that great at photographing nail polish, so it took a lot of shots to get these two pictures. I'll work on improving that. Anyway, the first photo is just in regular lighting and the second is a close-up with the flash on. You can see the shimmer in the polish, and you can also see the matte finish.

This look is 3 coats of Zoya Phoebe on top of a clear base coat. I was really happy with how this looked!  So pretty.

The first two coats were all streaky and disappointing, but I decided to keep going because I had seen this polish on the aforementioned blog and knew it was capable of being pretty. Surprisingly, the third coat finished things off nicely. And if you aren't familiar with matte nail polishes, they are great because they dry super fast. No top coat required... because it will make the matte polish non-matte. :)

The major downside to the couple of matte polishes that I've tried: they seem to chip easily. This manicure only lasted me about half a day, if that, before chipping so much that I felt like I needed to take it off. 

Aside from the chipping, I really liked this nail polish. I managed to get its lime green buddy (Zoya - Mitzi) the same day. When I try it out, I'll let you know.

Thanks for reading! 

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