Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nails Inc. - Baker Street

Happy Sunday!

While I realize that Nails Inc. Baker Street is not a new polish, it is exciting for me because I have been really wanting it for quite some time. This post is also exciting for me because it is my first successful attempt at stamping. I have tried stamping numerous other times with no results that I wanted to share, but after finally getting my hands on the proper equipment I have made progress. :)

Click photo to enlarge!
First, I just have a photo of Baker Street by itself. This is two coats on top of a base coat with no top coat. The formula of the polish is super easy to work with, and if it wasn't for the extremely long and flimsy brush, I probably wouldn't have had any cleanup. Being fairly new to the Nails Inc. brand, I am definitely not impressed with their brushes. :-/

Here is the fun part! I used the #42 Mash stamping plate. I stamped on one nail and decided to quit while I was ahead! The result was practically flawless until I smeared it just a tiny bit with my top coat. I guess I'll have to work on that. I discovered that the trick for me (for now) is that I had to order a Konad stamper and Konad special stamping polish. The Mash stamper just wasn't cutting it, and I guess none of my polishes that I tried work well with stamping. Glad I got that figured out. Hopefully you will be seeing more stamping from me! :)

Also, the glitter on the middle finger is Nails Inc. Soho Street. It is an explosion of rainbow glittery goodness! :)

Here is a macro shot of the stamp and glitter, just for good measure. Any suggestions on how I can avoid the streaking of my stamp? I waited at least 5 minutes for everything to dry before apply a quick-dry top coat.

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  2. Oh man. I went to look for a link, but it was long and ugly. Google "battle of the top coats" and click on Top Coat It's blog. Very comprehensive review of topcoats and should answer your smearing questions.

    1. Awesome! I will definitely check out that review. Thanks so much for your help. :)