Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dental Hygienist

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I'm sure everyone has seen various versions of these things floating around out there. I just happened upon one related to my profession and found it both hilarious and realistic... so I thought I'd share!

I'd also like to explain the field of dental hygiene very quickly, since I am commonly mistaken for a dental assistant or technician of some sort. Although both of those professions are very important, they are very different from a dental hygienist. 

In the state of Oklahoma (where I currently reside and work), dental hygienists are required to graduate from an accredited university with either an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. They must pass both the written NBDHE (National Board Dental Hygiene Exam) and the clinical WREB (Western Regional Exam Board). They must also pass the Oklahoma Jurisprudence Exam. Once all of the above requirements are completed, the documentation must be submitted to the Board of Dentistry in order to receive a license to practice dental hygiene in the state of Oklahoma.

And to clarify... I don't just clean teeth! :)

Here are a few random pictures:

My Halloween costume during dental hygiene school. (My fiance helped me make it!)

Show me your teeth.

Yay! I finally graduated from the University of Oklahoma with my Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene! :) 

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