Monday, October 22, 2012

SKINNY Bracelet


Today I have something to show you guys that is a little different from my usual shenanigans. I purchased a pretty bracelet from a company called SKINNY by Jessica Elliot. The website is

I discovered this brand through the Today Show on NBC. I was lucky enough to be watching a segment that they do occasionally that gives their viewers really great deals on popular products. The segment reminds me of the sort of deals you can get on Groupon. Please keep reading to learn more!

The bracelet you see in the photos above is their 18K gold plated equestrian bracelet with ivory Italian leather. There were a couple of other color combinations, but by the time I got to the website, most of the others were sold out. 

The original price of these bracelets are $120, but I managed to get mine for $29! I'd say that is a pretty good deal. :) If you would like to check out the other color options available, you can click HERE to be directed to these exact bracelets. They are all very pretty and it is difficult to choose just one!

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