Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Birchbox

For the record, this post is taking place BEFORE I received the June Birchbox. YES!

Gossip Girl themed box
I do not watch Gossip Girl... so I don't know what that means. Ha. :D

The back of the card. I don't know why I've never posted this before?

twistband - Skinny Headband (6 pack - $20)
These are just plain silly. Looks like something I would make at work out of the elastic loop on my mask when I need a hair tie. I mean, I'll use it, but 20 bucks for 6 of them? Meh.

beautyblender - blendercleanser (Full-size $17.95)
This is basically just soap. It is soy-based and claims to remove built-up bacteria and oil. It smells funny, too. I have some brush cleaner that I purchased from Sephora for much cheaper... so I will use this, but I won't repurchase.

Arquiste - L'Etrog perfume (Full-size $165)
Dr. Jart + - Waterfuse BB Cream (Full-size $32)
Color Club - Nail Polish in Disco Nap (Full-size $8)
The photo below will tell you more about the perfume. It smells okay. Definitely not $165 okay though. :-/

Dr. Jart + BB Cream: BB creams seem to be the "thing" right now. And I love them. But I'm kinda ready for everyone to stop doing their own version and move on. This one is not good for my oily skin. As soon as I put it on, my face looks shiny. I don't need that.

And can I just say... if it wasn't for them throwing some nail polish in to this box, the whole box would've been a flop. Color Club - Disco Nap would not have been a purchase I would have made, but when I painted it on my nails, I LOVED it!! Sorry I didn't take pictures of this color. I regret it now, but I will definitely use it again soon.

Notecards (Set of 12 $10)
What?! This is a May Birchbox. MAY. Not FEBRUARY! And a notecard? Bleh.

Okay... There you have it. Caught up on the Birchbox posts until my June box comes in. :)

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