Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To Fight Static Hair

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I know this topic may be a little late in the season, but a friend requested that I address the issue of static hair. I am lucky enough to not really have issues with static hair, even in the winter. I think it is partially because of my hair type, and because I condition it A LOT. Sorry, I know you're jealous. :-P

I wasn't really quite sure how to tackle this topic, but I finally ended up just asking a few friends how they handle it and spent some time with my buddy, Google. I eventually came up with a few tips and tricks to help those of you who battle the static frizzy mess on a regular basis.

First of all, I think it is important for you to know what causes static in our hair. It may seem like common sense to most of you, but I'll pretend like it is not. Without going into a lot of detail about electrons and pH balance, the main thing you need to know is dry hair and dry air are very conducive to static electricity. Winter is the worst because the air has less moisture in it, therefore it is more difficult to keep your hair hydrated.

Here are some things to do and NOT to do to help prevent or tame static flyaways:

  • ALWAYS condition your hair! I understand those of us with oily hair might want to avoid the conditioner sometimes, but be sure to at least get some conditioner on the ends of your hair. ESPECIALLY during the winter. If you need to, avoid the roots and that can help prevent your hair from getting as oily.
  • If you can manage, avoid washing your hair every day. The more you wash, the more it dries your hair. If you have an oily scalp like mine, you can use the product I reviewed HERE to make your hair last a second day without washing.
  • Look for styling products that are WATER BASED and avoid those that are petroleum based (waxes, gels, & pomades).
  • Use hairbrushes and combs made with natural bristles. Apparently those with plastic/synthetic bristles tend to make static worse.
  • When styling your hair with blowdryers and straightening irons, be sure to use a thermal protection product. 
  • Spray a finishing spray on your hairbrush and then brush it through your hair. This is great before styling or even later in the day. After styling your hair, it is also not a bad idea to spray the finishing spray directly on your hair.
  • Getting a humidifier in your home should help. This is the first year I have had a humidifier running all day, every day and I seem to have had fewer issues with dry skin and dry hair.
  • I wouldn't recommend rubbing dryer sheets on your hair or spraying your hair with Static Guard. Multiple websites have warned that both of these have chemicals in them that aren't healthy for skin and hair and they could cause you to break out. With that said, I use both of these products on my clothes and the clothes touch my skin and I seem to do fine. So I say if it works for you, go for it!
Sorry for the long-winded post! I think that covers just about everything I could come up with. PLEASE feel free to comment below and let me know any tips you might have for preventing static hair.

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  1. Great information... i use static guard too and almost always brush my hair after spraying hairspray on the brush. Nice blog!!